The Retrospective Quintet

Aprile 5, 2023
Brooklyn NY, US
Threes Brewing
The Retrospective Quintet
Nicola Caminiti

Downbeat Magazine Award-winning ensemble, Retrospective Quintet, is a collaborative group featuring a diverse line up of musical storytellers, hailing from different corners of the globe, including Italy, Venezuela and New Zealand. Their vision is to explore each others musical roots and traditions, by each contributing compositions that cover a wide range of influences. This ensemble was born during the pandemic in 2020, during which time we were playing together regularly as students at the Manhattan School of Music under the mentorship of Blue Note recording artist, Kendrick A.D Scott, which led to the formation of the Retrospective Quintet.

Retrospective Quintet:
Nicola Caminiti – Alto Saxophone
Juan Diego Villalobos – Vibraphone
Gabriel Chakarji – Piano
Hamish Smith – Bass
Marcello Cardillo – Drums


The Retrospective Quintet
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