Nicola Caminiti Quintet

Luglio 9, 2022
7:30 PM & 9:30 PM
New York, US
Jazz Gallery
Nicola Caminiti Quintet
Nicola Caminiti

Nicola Caminiti – alto e soprano saxophone
Tal Yahalom – guitar
Jeremy Corren – piano
Chris Tordini – double bass
Jongkuk Kim – drums

I’m so excited to be back at The Jazz Gallery on July 9th featuring a Quintet of deeply inspiring artists Tal Yahalom, Jeremy Corren, Christopher Tordini and Jongkuk Kim. Show up cause it’s gonna be an incredible night!!!
Thank you so much Lex Korten for the incredible poster (hit him up and you won’t regret it).

Borgani Saxophones
TT Mouthpieces
NS Ligatures & Mouthpieces

Nicola Caminiti Quintet Jazz Gallery NY
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