JISU JUNG – Album Release

Settembre 30, 2023
8:00PM & 9:30PM
Brooklyn, NY, US
JISU JUNG – Album Release
Nicola Caminiti


Piano – Jisu Jung
Drums – Marcello Cardillo
Bass – Ben Tiberio
Saxophone – Nicola Caminiti
Viloin 1 – Soyoung Choi
Violin 2 – Tristan Siegel
Viola – Ariana Mascari
Cello – Miles Goosby
Flute – Lorien Britt

About the Album ‘Who am I’
Maintaining the intuitiveness and freedom of jazz, as well as the logic and impeccable structure of classical music, these two musical worlds pioneer music that enriches each other. The saxophone and piano trio, representative of the jazz timbre, and the string quartet, often considered the pinnacle of classical music, come together on most tracks of the album and sing in harmony. While striving to preserve their individual musical identities, there is an endless desire for fusion expressed. Infinitely free yet systematic, refined yet dynamic, they create a synergy when the distinct realms of these two musical genres invite each other, allowing listeners to find their own freedom and resonance within their respective timelines and in their own unique ways.

Jisu Jung, a classical/jazz pianist and composer, completed her education at the Yewon School and the Seoul Arts High School in Korea. She further pursued her studies at the Dresden College of Music in Germany, having been personally invited by Arkadi Zenziper, the esteemed Dean of the Piano faculty. Her exceptional prowess in classical piano is underscored by a string of prestigious awards, including triumphs in the Osaka International Music Competition, the Hankook-Ilbo Music Contest, and the Teenagers Music Contest Korea. While immersed in her studies in Dresden, Jisu’s yearning to connect with people through original compositions steadily grew. This compelling aspiration prompted her departure from Europe to join the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she successfully completed her degrees in jazz piano and jazz composition. Jisu’s ingenuity and artistic flair have garnered widespread recognition, earning her esteemed accolades such as the Bridges Composer’s Competition (2022) presented by the Ravinia Festival, the Herb Alpert Young Jazz Composer’s Award from ASCAP (2020), the Berklee Pianist Composer Award (2019), and a coveted spot in the RSMI in Chicago under the mentorship of Billy Childs (2021). Jisu has recently completed her Master’s Degree in Jazz Composition at the Manhattan School of Music. She finds profound joy in discovering her own unique musical voice, a journey that has allowed her to forge new, emotionally resonant connections with people through her innovative compositions.

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