Vivid Tales Of a Blurry Self-Portrait

Vivid Tales of a Blurry Self-Portrait

is a non-chronological narration of my journey in this world.

Each track featured on this album represents an encounter, a feeling, a tangible life experience.
These songs are Vivid Tales that shaped, changed, dismantled and reconstructed my persona to be who I am today.

Despite all of these tangible experiences, it has been difficult, at times, to fully understand who I am… How could I fit into a system of stereotypes and role-models that I don’t picture myself a part of? It feels like looking into a blurry self-portrait.

The album starts with “A Fully Blank Canvas”, an improvisation between the saxophone and the piano. A blank canvas that serves as the starting point for this journey.

Some songs draw inspiration from recurrent emotions like “Crowded Solitude” which speaks about those (quite common) moments of solitude despite being surrounded by others;

“City Lights (and deep darkness)”, a song about the duality of light and darkness: Light being dazzling and concealing at times and darkness, mysterious yet peaceful and meditative;

“Cloudy in(to) The Sky”, about the uncertainties of living abroad. A song inspired by the clouds I’ve observed while traveling between the US and Europe;

Other songs are inspired by figures I’ve encountered like “Adam Arturo”, written for trumpeter and composer Adam O’Farrill or “Worlds of Equality (mb)” dedicated to my late friend Marco Birro;

Some describe events that represented a turning point in my life like “Farewell Too Soon” and “Eternal Return”, part 2 and 3 of a suite I wrote about having to say goodbye to somebody very important.

This journey has been an incredible lesson and an opportunity to look deeper into myself. I’m extremely grateful that I had Lex, Ben and Miguel being a part of it. They’ve been my pillars and guiding lights as they’ve inspired – and keep inspiring me to become a better artist and a person.

I hope listening to this music lets you discover something new, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for listening and letting us sharing this experience with you!

releases May 10, 2024

Nicola Caminiti: Alto & Soprano Saxophones
Lex Korten: Piano
Ben Tiberio: Double Bass
Miguel Russell: Drums

Produced by Nicola Caminiti
Recorded by Chris Benham at Big Orange Sheep in New York, NY on June 3rd, 2022
Mixed and Mastered by Dave Darlington at Bass Hit Studios in New York, NY on August 27th, 2022

Cover and back photos by Gulnara Khamatova

All Compositions written and published by Nicola Caminiti ©SIAE

Nicola Caminiti plays Borgani Alto Saxophones, D’Addario Reeds, TT Mouthpieces and NS Ligatures.

Copyright © 2024 Nicola Caminiti. All rights reserved.
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